Friday, March 18, 2:00pm Eastern

Registration for the Rootworks Tax Season Halftime Show is now closed.

We’re approaching the halfway point of tax season, and we could all use a break.

Join us for our fun-filled, prize-packed Tax Season Halftime Show!

What is the Tax Season Halftime Show?

It’s a half-hour live webcast and virtual tailgate party designed to re-energize and inspire you and your team and bring the profession together for a well-deserved deep breath before we head into the second half of tax season.

Register and join the live webcast for:

  • $15,000 in prize drawings for firms and staff

  • Sideline reports with firms from across the country

  • Halftime pep talks from thought leaders you know and love

  • Maybe a surprise or two!

You’ll come away ready to tackle the second half and finish strong—don’t miss it.

Gather your staff for a watch party!

Make it a team-building event for your firm. Register for the webcast and sweepstakes today, then plan your watch party and share an entertaining, energetic mid-season break with your staff.


A free gift just for event attendees

eBook - “Healthy Culture in The Modern Firm“