Proactive client accounting and advisory services

Rootworks has saved you the time and energy of designing and defining your own advisory services—we’ve created advisory products designed to support small business clients at every stage of their life cycles.

Pre-Packaged Client Services

Get a quick start with proactive “productized” service lines

We’ve assembled an advisory product line completely bundled with supporting resources, including pricing calculators, sales and client educational materials, proposal templates, and more.

Included with your Rootworks membership, you’ll have access to a wide range of ‘ready-to-offer’ accounting and advisory service product lines that come with everything you need to get started offering more value-added services to your current client base.

Product training

Training on what each product is and how to get set up to start offering it to your clients.

Client educational materials

Includes presentations, analysis spreadsheets and reports.

Sales materials

Includes presentations, fee considerations, proposals and engagement letters.

Website product pages

Pre-built website product page templates with all the information you need to start promoting your new advisory offering on your website as soon as you’re ready to start selling.

Marketing bundles

Pre-built marketing bundles to promote your new advisory offerings, including email campaigns, email banners, blog posts, social media posts, fact sheets, etc.—all customized with YOUR branding!


Onboarding presentations to welcome your new clients once they’ve signed up.

Staff training

Additional staff training and materials to make your whole team feel confident selling your new advisory service(s).

Meeting with clients

'Ready-to-offer' client accounting and advisory services (CAAS):

  • Business Foundation Services—a one-time engagement designed around educating and training a new business owner on basic but important tax and accounting concepts as well as on the basic use of QuickBooks Online.
  • Business Management Services—a recurring engagement billed monthly, built around a pre-defined report that tracks vital information that a business owner should be paying attention to.
  • Business Tax Preparation with Bundles—walks you through bundling your services together to create a packaged offering for business tax clients that the firm may not be interested in providing, or able to provide, full outsourced accounting services to.
woman working in front of a laptop
  • Cash Management Services—an ongoing service with reports delivered to the client on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis supported directly with weekly, biweekly or monthly client meetings for the firm to review how cash has recently been spent, but with a main focus on cash inflows and outflows in the short term.
  • Credit Card Rewards—a one-time engagement designed to help your clients get the most out of their business by maximizing credit card rewards on their everyday expenses.
  • Entity Type Analysis—a one-time engagement designed to help your clients understand the different business structures and help them select the entity type that is right for them; can be sold standalone or consider bundling it as part of the Business Foundation Services product.
two woman working together on their laptops
  • Individual Tax Preparation with Bundles—take a traditionally annual client and turn them into a monthly/quarterly recurring revenue client, offering various levels of planning to ensure the best possible tax liability and get them involved with the firm more than once a year.
  • Outsourced Accounting (BOSS)—accounting services that are delivered by an accounting firm's accounting and tax team to their "ideal" clients in a recurring manner; ideally, these services are bundled and sold as products in a fixed-fee model to clients and are delivered in a way that is standardized and scalable.
  • Payroll – Live—a stand-alone service designed for firms that choose to process payroll completely in-house or for firms that employ a hybrid payroll solution.