The Modern Firm®

What is The Modern Firm?

The Modern Firm is the definitive moniker for accounting firms that have transitioned away from the traditional business model (i.e., taking any client who walks through the door, working 24/7 during tax season) to transform their business into a highly profitable, culture-rich and sustainable business.

The Modern Firm embraces change and leads with intention to foster a positive, technology-focused and education-driven environment that supports a superior client and staff experience at every level. Modern firms embrace best practices, leading technologies and are focused on building a rich culture to thrive in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

If you’re still operating under the traditional accounting firm business model, it’s time to think modern.

The Modern Firm
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Making the transformation to modern

The good news is that running a better firm, a modern firm, is your choice…and easier than you might think. Especially when you partner with Rootworks! Our team will guide you through each step of your transformation to modern, including helping you to:

  • Move to a cloud-based ecosystem.
  • Serve clients with far more precision and speed.
  • Provide high-value advisory services that your clients both want and need.
  • Accept only ideal clients.
  • Leave the chaos of the traditional tax season behind.
  • Analyze client data to identify new services or add-on products that help fuel client success.
  • Develop a value-based pricing model.

The modern accounting firm

Make the choice to run your firm the modern way. To simplify and streamline operations and focus on offering services you’re passionate about. To run a high-performing, highly profitable and scalable business.

The Rootworks team is dedicated to helping firm owners run a better business. And having worked with thousands of accounting professionals for well over a decade, we know what it takes to make your modern firm a reality. The formula for success includes three key elements:

business model basics

Mastering Business Model Basics™—Rootworks’ fundamental elements that make up a modern firm.

accounting firm improvement

Committing to firm improvement and implementing change at a regular cadence.

peer community

Leveraging the expertise of a community of like-minded accounting professionals—Rootworks community is well over 1,000 strong (and counting)!

Deanna Rubano
Without the help of the Rootworks team, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We’ve had some of the smoothest tax seasons in our history since joining because we now have the right technologies and defined, structured processes in place. We can’t thank Rootworks enough for helping us run a better accounting firm!
Deanna Rubano Co-Owner and Firm Administrator, AccuPro Advisors