Business Model Basics… your roadmap to modern

Follow a tested and proven path to firm improvement. Our Business Model Basics represent the fundamental elements that make up The Modern Firm®—and we’re here to guide you through each one of them. 

Business Model Basics
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  • Culture: Apply the Four Cs—Clarity, Candor, Connection and Consistency—to create a work environment that gives you an edge in recruiting and retaining the best people.
  • Ideal clients: Build a roster of clients you love to serve—and are good at serving—with the ideal clients that allow you to do what you do best.
  • Client communications: Stay connected to clients throughout the year with timely, helpful materials presented via your website, social channels and Google Business Profile.
  • Security: Up your security game; move away from insecure email and support clients via a highly secure cloud-based platform.
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  • Individual tax: Identify the right technologies and define a digital end-to-end individual tax workflow to ease the stress of tax season.
  • Business tax: Ease the stress of tax season by identifying the right technologies and defining a digital end-to-end business tax workflow.
  • Client accounting: Support ease of collaboration by identifying the right technologies and defining a digital end-to-end client accounting workflow.
  • Practice management: Maximize realization rates by adopting the right solution and a structured process to track work across roles and departments.

Advisory services

Work with clients proactively to offer products and services they need for success…before they have to ask.


Identify the right model for your firm and your clients—handle payroll in-house, outsource to a third party or adopt a hybrid model.

Web and mobile

Offer a website platform that allows clients to conduct business with your firm online with ease and provides prospects with valuable information about your firm.

Marketing and sales

Create a sound marketing, sales and online presence program, providing messaging that resonates with ideal clients and moves your firm to the top of the search page.

Client onboarding

Streamline procedures and provide a rich client experience with a standardized onboarding process.

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Embrace the modern era of accounting

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