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We’re the premier firm-improvement organization, serving accounting firms of all sizes nationwide.

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The story behind the brand

Rootworks was created by an accounting firm owner for accounting firm owners—with the focused goal of helping owners overcome common pain points and redefine their business model for the modern age.

Having run a successful firm for more than 30 years, Rootworks co-founder Darren Root, along with an A-list team, created the blueprint for The Modern Firm® and have been guiding firms down the path to transformation for well over a decade.

Rootworks is a one-of-a-kind firm-improvement organization dedicated exclusively to the accounting profession. Rootworks was created on the ideal that owners can build the firm they deserve—one that operates at peak efficiency, supports a healthy culture, removes the pain of tax season and is a revenue-generating machine.

We accomplish this by offering our members a comprehensive library of tools and resources and the expertise and ongoing support required to transform their firms. With 1,000 firms strong and growing, Rootworks is helping advance the profession—one firm at a time.

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Leading firms in the direction they should go

Over the years, Rootworks has built a powerful bureau of influencers who keep a steady finger on the pulse of the accounting profession. Made up of experts on everything from business model, value pricing and tech stack to cybersecurity and legislation—you have access to the best, brightest and most informed minds in the profession.

Our thought leaders are highly engaged and ever working to move the accounting profession forward via sound, timely and much-needed insight and education. With a focus on leading accounting professionals in the direction they should go, thought leadership is available across multiple channels, including podcasts, shows, books, webinars and more.

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Partnering with the best of the best

Rootworks partners with the profession’s leading vendors to further fuel firm improvement. Members have access to thoroughly vetted solutions and enjoy exclusive discounts.

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  • CPA Charge
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  • Fathom
  • GKM
  • Grade US
  • Intuit
  • Keeper
  • LedgerSync
  • P:roposable
  • Right Networks
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  • Sureprep
  • TaxSpeaker
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Transaction Pro
  • Vertex
  • Zoom
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James Buss
Rootworks saved my firm. By implementing suggestions from Darren Root and his team, as well as following the Rootworks modern firm strategy, I’ve gone from not being sure my firm was going to make it, to great success and stability. My firm wouldn’t be flourishing like it is if it weren't for the procedures I’ve learned and put in place from Rootworks.
James Buss CPA, Shareholder, Buss CPA, PC

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