Get expert coaching with NO expiration date

Receive ongoing, dedicated coaching at each step of your modern firm journey. Our expert coaches guide you on each aspect of Business Model Basics™—from client onboarding and technology stack to creating a killer culture and sound security protocols.
Coaching and training

With coaching calls and accountability, members are empowered to set and achieve their goals.

Your membership

At the start of your membership, you are assigned a dedicated coach to guide you through the Business Model Basics in an organized, customized manner. Your coaching experience is personalized to you because we understand that no firm is the same and that each member will be at a different point on their journey to becoming a modern firm.

Carlos Guaman
Before Rootworks, I knew that I needed to implement many changes, including regular training for my staff, enhancing our work culture and defining our ideal clients. These were some of the missing pieces that Rootworks filled in for me. Working with the Rootworks team saved me years of figuring all of this out on my own.
Carlos Guaman President, El Triunfo
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What does coaching include?

Coaches are available for one-hour sessions per month via Zoom. This ensures that coaches and members stay connected on a regular basis and keeps your firm moving forward to achieve set business goals as you move through the Business Model Basics.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Personalized, one-on-one coaching over the life of your membership. There is no expiration date on learning, so there is no expiration date on coaching!
  • Access to volumes of resources, courses and webinars for leaders and staff.
  • Expert advice from seasoned coaching professionals.

The solution for staff training

Members also have access to Rootworks’ expert trainers. Like coaches, our trainers offer decades of educational leadership and curriculum experience in the accounting profession. With nearly one training course per week throughout the year, this component of membership provides an excellent solution to your staff training needs.

Training sessions span a wide range of topics, including tips and tactics on maximizing vetted technologies, tips on a smooth tax season, post-tax season to-dos, how to improve bookkeeping services, implementing value-based pricing, improving your payroll model, accounting system setup, and so much more.

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In addition, members have access to Rootworks’ online learning resource center—filled with education-based courses, how-to guides, checklists and other materials that support consistent and successful progress through the 13 Business Model Basics.

Ongoing training of your staff is essential to success, which is another great reason why Rootworks is the perfect fit for your firm. You get:


  • Live trainings that occur nearly every week throughout the year on timely and trending topics that matter to firms.
  • Training sessions that are recorded and available on demand.
  • Trainings that are developed to support staff across roles and departments.

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