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Rootworks Insights is a web-based application that gives accounting firms an automated way to uncover the customer stories that already exist in their sales data. Tap into client intelligence and unleash powerful data to:

  • Uncover your best (and worst) clients
  • Develop pricing strategies that optimize client value and increase profits
  • Be that trusted advisor for clients and provide them with the same insights into their business
Rootworks insights

Level up your accounting firm

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Serve your small business clients more efficiently and level up your advisory services. Rootworks Insights offers a window into your connected clients so you can see exactly how your pricing matches with existing service levels, helping you locate opportunities for improvement in efficiency and profitability.

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Clients need more than just financial statements to understand the health of their business. With Rootworks Insights, you can provide the same insights into customer lifetime value (LTV), sales trends, concentration risk, product pricing and collections performance for your customers as you have access to for your own accounting firm.

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Give your clients another reason to love you. When you connect your data to powerful client intelligence software like Rootworks Insights, the information uncovered helps you build strategies for advisory offerings and strengthens the value you provide.

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Free Download: Smart Client Management in the Modern Firm

Learn how to grow your accounting firm by identifying your ideal clients, uncovering lucrative new revenue opportunities and retaining your best employees by practicing Smart Client Management.

Kirk McLaren
Rootworks Insights gives us the analysis that we need to help clients segment the market to target better, act on customers who are sliding and make operational decisions. Rootworks Insights is like having a virtual analyst who gets the job done.
Kirk McLaren CEO, Foresight CFO

Get time back in the day

High-touch clients aren’t always high-value clients. Proactively manage scope creep using combined metrics of firm sales invoices, client transaction volume, client KPIs and hours worked. The more clients you connect to the Rootworks Insights app, the more valuable the results are.

Get started quickly

Connect to QuickBooks® or Xero in seconds. No data scientists or IT resources needed. Just a few minutes to sync your files before you have easy to access, customizable reports at your fingertips that help you get the job done.

Securely connect your data

Rootworks Insights is deployed on Microsoft Azure, and connections are read-only, and only gather customer and sales data (not employee records, payroll, etc.).  Data is maintained and stored in the United States, and is encrypted, both in transit and while at rest.

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Visualize client segments and revenue trends

See the most important stats on your firm’s performance and make decisions on where to spend your time. Get to know your best – and worst- clients so you can create a sustainable workload that works for your accounting firm.

  • Save time - connect your QuickBooks® or Xero clients in seconds
  • Uncover and prioritize your most valuable clients in dashboard view
  • Review all of your clients in one place
  • Access over 20 data points including trailing 12-month sales, the average days to payment, customer lifetime value and more

Rootworks Insights for firms and clients

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Includes 10 clients.**
Get started for free
Client insights automatically generated from accounting data*
Branded reports for clients with insights into their customers
Automated client and service profitability metrics
Guides and educational material to help you get started
Share results via Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel 365
*Requires client sales data in QuickBooks Online or Xero Get started for free

Rootworks Insights

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