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animated tax season visualization
March 2022

Is tax season broken—or are we? For the last few years, tax season hasn’t worked for anyone. Not for the ...

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human network visualization hovering above hand
February 2022

The new world of smart client management Like many other things in our lives right now, it really is a ...

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AI Trader Robot Businessman
January 2022

Automation: Elevating the human In last month’s Thought Leader article, I briefly mentioned something exciting to watch for in 2022: The ...

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elephant in the office
December 2021

Get the elephants out of the room Not long ago, John Mitchell (who most of you already know as my ...

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three people reviewing data visualizations together
November 2021

Why would anyone want to work in accounting? Like so many other professions and industries today, accounting is experiencing its ...

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four people working around a table
October 2021

From The Great Exhaustion to The Great Firm Take-Back There’s no way to sugarcoat this: The last couple of years ...

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