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automation visualization
September 2022

September: The season of opportunity As much as I love summer, I’m always glad when September arrives. Not necessarily because ...

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accounting firms are vulnerable to hackers
August 2022

Your firm’s biggest vulnerability  It used to be a small but consistent drumbeat from firms. But now, the whole band ...

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cybercrime stats
July 2022

Most firms do 90-10…but the magic happens at 10-90! My wife Michelle and I recently took an extended trip to ...

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man imprisoned by file folders
June 2022

Say (or scream) it with me: Tax season sucked I’ve talked to multiple firms since busy season ended and the ...

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making money online animated visualization
May 2022

Smart Client Management: The only way forward Relying solely on tax season revenue is wrong. And I’ll tell you why. ...

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tired man falling asleep at his desk
April 2022

Your last painful tax season For the past 15 years, I’ve chatted, spoken, written and taught about the need for ...

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