3 ways the right tech stack will transform your CAAS

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The majority of accounting firms drift unintentionally into a tech stack for their client accounting advisory services (CAAS)—one that provides a subpar experience for both clients and staff. The wrong tech stack increases inefficiencies that create time-consuming processes…costing firms time, energy and margin. Many firm owners find themselves overwhelmed by choosing the right software solutions to streamline processes and create a great experience for their clients and staff. 

Join Darren Root, Right Networks’ Chief Strategist, and Amy McCarty, Rootworks’ Education Services Manager, as they uncover the three ways the right accounting firm tech stack will transform your CAAS. Discover how many Rootworks firms have created an intentional and frictionless tech stack, and learn how to: 

  • Reduce friction in your tech stack to improve the client experience. 
  • Create an end-to-end tech stack based on the products you provide. 
  • Implement your tech stack to gain serious efficiencies and margin. 
  • Address how technologies are paid for within your business model. 

Darren Root, Chief Strategist, Right Networks
Amy McCarty, Education Services Manager, Rootworks

3 ways to the right tech stack

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