Avoiding the most common cyberattacks your firm faces

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The cybersecurity industry is growing at an alarming rate putting pressure on firms and small businesses to continuously guard against an attack. Understanding the threats your firm and business face can help you better prepare for the dangers that threaten your livelihood.  Listen in as Darren Root, CPA, CITP, CGMA and the founder of Rootworks, speaks with James Walsh, CIO for Right Networks, and they discuss the most common threats.

Then explore how the Smart Security Management approach can help you build your defenses on three critical fronts- in the cloud, your local computing devices, and your employees. You will leave the discussion with a better understanding of the new ways cyber attackers our infiltrating firms and how you can shore up your defenses.

Darren Root, Chief Strategist, Rootworks
Jim Walsh, Chief Information Officer, Right Networks 

Avoiding common cyberattacks for accounting firms


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