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Founded in 2010 and located in Madison, Wisconsin, Berndt CPA is a full-service firm focused on helping both established and new business owners create and preserve business value and personal wealth. The firm’s team is certified in both QuickBooks and Sage 50 (Peachtree) accounting software and utilizes state-of-the-art technology to support clients.

The back story

“I remember the exact moment I heard Darren Root speak. He posed a question that stuck with me. He asked, ‘Do you want to take control of your firm?’ That got my attention,” recalled Bruce Berndt, CPA and Partner at Berndt CPA.

Bruce walked away from Root’s presentation motivated to take control of his business and make big changes. So, when he returned to the office, he proceeded to “rip it apart.” (His words, not ours.)

“We thoroughly analyzed everything—from who our ideal clients were and the technologies that made up our ecosystem…to our firm culture and product offerings. We went into total disruption mode in order to rebuild and make changes that were very much needed,” Bruce explained.

“We would not have accomplished all we have if not for our membership in Rootworks.”

Bruce Berndt
After attending my first Rootworks event, I knew that if we could just change our firm to align with the Rootworks vision, we could do something great. After years of learning about and taking part in business model, QBO, mobile and website, In The Loop, culture, and good firms and friends, we have flourished in so many ways. Today, for the month of March alone, we billed as much as we did in an entire year back when we started with Rootworks. Rootworks matters to our firm!
Bruce Berndt CPA, CGMA and Partner, Berndt CPAs

Engagement is everything!

“You get out of it what you put into it,” Bruce said when asked about the value of a Rootworks membership.

Bruce was clear that he and his team make the most of membership benefits. Staff regularly attend online trainings (which are offered on average of once a week), use Rootworks’ extensive resource center of educational materials, and attend both the summer and year-end onsite events.

“Rootworks offers so much that the value far outweighs the cost of membership,” Bruce stated. “And it’s not just the resources and events; Rootworks is always looking ahead and anticipating what is next. We count on them to keep us ahead of the curve. This is beyond valuable.”

To say that Bruce Berndt is one of the most engaged Rootworks members is an understatement. He’s better categorized as a super user. His engagement goes far beyond using resources and attending events. He is a highly active participant and influencer in the organization’s discussion forum and a reliable contributor of valuable feedback to the Rootworks team.

Full engagement in the membership is what has fueled great success at Berndt CPA. In fact, Bruce reported an average of 32% growth year over year.

“And that’s 100% organic growth,” he added. “Growth without any mergers or acquisitions. I have Rootworks to thank.”

“Rootworks offers so much that the value far outweighs the cost of membership.”

Final words…

Bruce Berndt was clear that his initial motivation was not money. He wanted to build a firm that he and his staff loved. One with a positive culture, and where they offered the right products and services to fuel their clients’ growth and long-term success. Building a million-dollar firm was a big bonus—which, to date, is about to surpass $6.5M!

“The addition of our monthly fixed fee service, BOSS (Back Office Support System), which is our outsourced accounting and advisory product, has been central to bolstering profitability. With BOSS alone, we bill about 100k per month,” Bruce said.

At the end of the day, Bruce Berndt did exactly what he set out to do. He built a firm that both he and his staff love. It was his drive to make big changes that helped him get to where he is today. But at the end of it all, he still gives a lot of the credit to Rootworks.

When asked what advice he would give to someone looking to join Rootworks, his answer was not just to do it, but to do it and be engaged at all levels.

“I didn’t just want to be a ‘head-nodder’ at events,” Bruce said. “When Darren and his team present, I absorb everything they say and then go back and work to continually improve my business. Is it hard? Yes, it is. But you won’t see change if you don’t take action.”

Words to live by!