Mastermind groups: The place to grow

mastermind groups

Marcus Dillon, CPA, talks about the importance of finding a place to share new ideas and issues.

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The place to grow

No one can understand a firm leader’s experience—the successes and the challenges—like another firm leader.

That’s why Rootworks created Mastermind groups, a high-value extension of your Rootworks membership. When you join a Mastermind group, you’ll meet regularly with other like-minded firm owners/key stakeholders and a dedicated facilitator to get the accountability you crave to help you grow professionally—as a leader and a problem solver.

An additional monthly Mastermind fee* entitles you to perks not available with a regular Rootworks membership, including:

  • Small group interaction
  • Monthly group meetings with other firm owners and key stakeholders
  • A dedicated group communication channel
  • Facilitation by Rootworks members

Benefits of participating in a Mastermind group:


  • Collaboration with seven highly motivated firm leaders for professional growth
  • Mutual accountability to improve leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Monthly check-ins with group members to remain on track with goals
  • Shared KPIs—including financials—to facilitate effective analysis and problem-solving

*Mastermind groups are a high-value extension of your Rootworks membership, and additional fees apply. You must be a Rootworks member for one year to be eligible. Please note that group members must be willing to share financial information with each other and hold shared information in confidence, to facilitate effective analysis and problem-solving.

Ready to grow?

If you’ve been a Rootworks member for more than one year and have been looking for the right place to help your firm grow, you’ll find it in Mastermind groups.

mastermind groups