Mastermind groups—the place to grow

No one can understand a firm leader’s experience—the successes and the challenges—like another firm leader.

That’s why Rootworks created Mastermind groups, a high-value extension of your Rootworks membership. When you join a Mastermind group, you’ll meet regularly with other like-minded firm owners/key stakeholders and a dedicated facilitator to share ideas and information, help solve pain points, and work to achieve your growth and business model improvement goals.


Mary Pierce
I get something usable in every Mastermind meeting. Sharing ideas with like-minded peers is invaluable. Why attend a live Mastermind group event? The agenda items are always timely and great starters, but the discussions that happen organically are priceless! Getting to know my peers on a personal level is also gratifying and helps me feel more connected.
Mary Pierce CPA, Managing Member, Pierce & Company CPAs