Branded reports with Rootworks Insights

Reinforce your client accounting and advisory services with branded reports. You choose what and when to send—weekly, monthly or ad hoc—automatically.
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Firm reports

Stay on top of your firm’s KPIs with weekly and monthly reports. Gain firm-wide insights on performance in areas like accounts receivable, volume, and more. Easily accessible at any time, reports can be generated automatically and emailed to the recipient and are archived in the app for review later.


Scope creep report

Receive monthly statistics on all of your connected clients. Are you spending valuable time managing accounts that don’t give you the best ROI? Match your pricing strategy to service levels and find opportunities for improvement.

Branded client-focused reports

Be that trusted advisor. Use branded client-focused reports to deliver actionable insights. Use these weekly and monthly reports to show your clients who their best customers are and help them run a more profitable business.

The best client intelligence software for accounting firms – for free.

You don’t have to spend time looking for new clients when you are managing your existing clients efficiently and growing the relationships you already have invested in. Use Rootworks Insights to identify hidden revenue opportunities and improve your accounting firm’s growth potential.

Rick Arthur
My clients that use [this] have found great value in customer insights to help them better understand their customers, their cashflow and their collections.
Rick Arthur Owner, Rick Arthur CFO