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Make a modest investment in a Rootworks membership, and your business will reap the rewards of better entrepreneurship. Rootworks will help you get onto a simplified, accelerated path to success, with access to an ever-growing collection of premium business resources, from process papers to technical training delivered via streaming video. With these tools and Rootworks systems for building your business model, organizing your resources and planning your entrepreneurial efforts, you’ll discover how to take command of your accounting firm and have it support the life you want to live.

Rootworks offers membership levels designed to help every firm at any stage of the journey:

An economical way to begin transforming your firm. For an affordable monthly membership fee, you not only get access to Rootworks educational resources, you get a hosted Rootworks website, branded for your firm and optimized for desktop and mobile devices. It’s everything you need to give your business a rock solid web and mobile presence that’s designed to serve your clients.

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Take it to the next level with our Advantage Membership. You’ll get all of the benefits of Executive Membership, plus individualized coaching for supported software products, a pre-paid seat at an onsite workshop at our new Indianapolis Learning Center, staff training sessions, and more.

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Our most advanced level of membership, limited to select firms by invitation and subject to territorial exclusivity. Our Academy brings together the top independent CPA firms from around the country. Collectively, they serve as an influential entrepreneurial voice, helping to shape the profession and the opportunities it offers for present and future practitioners.

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