Dream about a new future.

Be liberated from the old ways of doing business. Create your
Next Generation Accounting Firm® with a Rootworks membership.  

Here are a few things that set us apart:




Proven strategy

Don't reinvent the wheel

Leverage the power of a working accounting firm used for testing and proving technologies and strategies.  Our proven model is used by hundreds of firms and will lead you where you want to go.
 It works, and we can prove it!  

Help along the way

You can do it, we can help

Be challenged by our thought leaders who have a finger on the pulse of the industry, lean on our coaches, our proven resources, and fellow rootworks members for motivation, advice, and encouragement.   You got this—we're with you!

Freedom to thrive

More ideal days in your life

You can own a business that supports your life, instead of one that consumes your life.  You have the freedom to make the choice. Join hundreds of firm owners who have transformed their businesses and their lives with the Rootworks model.

Our members are leading the way,
while others are stuck doing things the old way.

See for yourself how Rootworks members:


Find the power
to make a new choice

A choice that will change your life


Get the support
of an energetic community

You’re not alone on the journey


Gain the freedom
to change and grow

Say goodbye to the old ways


Three things that get stronger
when you engage in rootworks membership:


Your vision

  • clarify the future you want
  • identify the customers you serve best
  • offer the products that fit you best
  • get to know other firms that have already made the journey

Your model

  • thrive instead of just survive in a new technology-driven industry
  • create a simpler (and better) way of doing business
  • give your team confidence in your technology solutions

Your brand

  • launch a website that makes you proud and is a place to do business
  • be known as a firm that is leading the way
  • tell your story in a way that makes your message clear, and your customers engaged



The Rootworks difference:
Targeted learning that leads you to a defined model

Listen to members who are Rootworks strong:


The Rootworks model is based on the strategies, best practices, and technology solutions deployed in a highly successful, working accounting firm—RootAdvisors—nested within the Rootworks organization. RootAdvisors serves as a working laboratory and proving ground to test and vet the products offered by technology developers and to design their integration into the firm infrastructure and business model. Every aspect of your Rootworks membership is shaped and informed by this working lab. This includes the elements of the Rootworks Entrepreneurial Thinking Model, which begins with your Vision. 

Here is our vision statement for RootAdvisors:

Our firm specializes in service-based businesses and professional practices locally, optometry practices and churches nationwide, that fit our business model. Our core services are client accounting, payroll, tax planning and preparation, coaching, and other business products for these specialized market segments.

We will deliver a great customer experience through a well-designed, advanced, collaborative, technology model that provides the utmost convenience for our clients. We aim to anticipate our client’s needs and satisfy them seamlessly.

We treat our brand as an emotional relationship with our clients, based on all interactions between us. Therefore, we approach each interaction with intention, doing our very best to make our clients feel good.


Join us for an NGAF Event

Join us at our learning center for an Next Generation Accounting Firm® (NGAF) Workshop to get you started with a comprehensive overview of the vision and business model behind your firm.


Gain Clarity and Focus

NGAF Workshop content includes:

  • Maturing from technician to entrepreneur

  • Building the Million Dollar Firm

  • Building the new client accounting model

  • Leveraging the cloud technology ecosystem


The NGAF Vision book

Your guide as you begin your journey to become a Next Generation Accounting Firm. Our gift to you!


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