Welcome to RootWorks! We are a membership organization dedicated to helping accountants build their businesses to support the lives they want to lead. RootWorks will lead and support you on a transformational journey to becoming a Next Generation Accounting Firm® with three key concentrations:

  • Strategy: Developing a vision for your firm and achieving it through strategic planning to implement the right business model and keep your practice and personal life operating within the Sweet Spot™.
  • Education: Understanding and deploying technology to create an integrated ecosystem for moving work efficiently through your firm—online and onsite educational events, plus personalized, one-on-one coaching.
  • Creative Services: Website development for desktop and mobile platforms, logo design, and development of your firm’s brand identity.

RootWorks gives you a simplified, accelerated path to success, based on the business model and planning system developed by Darren Root, one of the industry’s most highly esteemed thought leaders, author of The Intentional Accountant, and co-author of Youtility for Accountants and The E-Myth Accountant.


Our Blog

Is Your Business Stuck in a Rut? Try the Transformative Power of Disruptive Thinking

Darren Root

August 13, 2014

Businesses, just like people, are by their very nature dynamic. However, sometimes your organization can get stuck in a rut, and even though you want to make changes, it may seem like the harder...